Advocacy for People Who Stutter

1 in 100 Belgians stutter. Which is a lot. But stuttering can be overcome. And we proved it.
Jordy has been stuttering for 25 years but was coached to become a professional radio voice-over.
And with great success. In fact, he was chosen by the National Lottery to record a radio campaign for Win For Life. Each radio spot is followed by a personal message from Jordy. Without hesitation. With courage and self-confidence.
Discover his story here.

Listen to
the radio spot

What is stuttering?

Stuttering is the result of a neurological disorder which effects the muscles used in speech production. These muscles typically return the same “error message”, as it were, whenever the person tries to move them. Stuttering can be manifest in several different forms: the repetition of words or syllables, blocking, etc. In many cases, people who stutter simply remain silent. Because they are too afraid to speak. And we think that’s a shame.

What does BEST vzw do?

The not-for profit “Belangengroep voor Stotterende Mensen” (Advocacy for People Who Stutter) brings fellow sufferers and scientific experts together for workshop weekends, evening talks and various social activities. As a result of these group sessions, people who stutter gain a better insight into their problem and learn how to better deal with it. And in the meantime, their self-perception and self-confidence get an enormous boost.

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